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The Milk Alliance Group next year plans to develop the lactose free product line, Chairman of the supervisory board of the group Serhiy Vovchenko has said.
“Now it is only the milk under “Yahotynske for Children” trademark. We will transfer it to retail stores in the second half of November. The price of milk is based on the cost of production of this product. Our basic wholesale selling price is UAH 36. What price the retail chains will set depends only on them. Next year we will develop a line of lactose free products, including dairy products,” he told Interfax-Ukraine.
According to Vovchenko, the group has already made the necessary investments in the launch of lactose free products.
“We are completing the reconstruction at the baby food factory. This year we have already invested almost UAH 70 million in the baby food factory and this is not everything that is to be funded. There will be more expenses before the end of the year,” the chairman of the supervisory board said.
In addition, Vovchenko said that the Milk Alliance does not plan to produce vegan milk.
Milk Alliance unites Pyriatyn cheese factory, Bashtanka cheese factory, Horodenka, Trostianets, Novoarkhanhelsk and Zgurivka cheese factories, Zolotonosha butter factory, Yahotyn butter factory, Varvamaslosyrzavod, as well as Etalonmolprodukt and Etalon trade house sales companies.

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