Business news from Ukraine


The mobile network operator lifecell has begun cooperating with the European cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBIT.”We started working with blockchain technologies. Hopefully, soon we will announce how we can use blockchain for our operations, how our subscribers can use these technologies. We are talking about registration, we are talking about privacy. We want to use blockchain technology to register our users,” lifecell CEO Ismet Yazici said in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine.According to him, with blockchain technologies users will be able to stay anonymous. At the same time they will be able to prove that they are the owners of a SIM card.”We would also like to expand the use of blockchain technologies for other areas of business. And we will be happy to cooperate in this direction with government agencies to help them take a step forward in the digital transformation process,” the CEO of lifecell said.Yazici called blockchain a very promising technology that, among others, can change the world. Therefore, lifecell intends to use this technology in as many of its services as possible.”Ukraine easily tries new things and quickly adapts to new technologies. It is enough to look at cryptocurrency or blockchain technology. Daily transaction volumes are very high,” the lifecell CEO said.The mobile network operator lifecell is the third largest operator in Ukraine. Turkcell (Turkey) owns 100% of the shares of lifecell LLC.