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The issue of legalization of cannabis in Ukraine is not on the agenda as the country has enough more important problems, which are of a higher priority, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said. “We are not talking about legalization of cannabis at present. But I know that very many people want to do this business in Ukraine. But we can discuss this only when we know that we are really talking about medical marijuana,” Zelensky said during a press marathon in Kyiv on Thursday.
He said he is convinced that it is necessary to find answers to all acute questions on this matter first.
“I don’t want us to be told tomorrow that we have allowed everyone to take drugs, why do we need that? We have very many problems. It seems to me that those who want this will put up with waiting,” Zelensky said.
The president said he has not seen a relevant registered bill from the Servant of the People faction.
“I think now is not the right time. Not now, it’s not a priority. We haven’t written out all the risks associated with it. We should not be compared, for example, to Canada, other countries,” Zelensky said.
He said Ukraine is now, on the contrary, fighting a drug problem.
“If we resolve this problem, we can go back to discussing this issue,” Zelensky said.