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Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP) plans to complete Phase 2 of the Vinnytsia poultry complex with a capacity of 260,000 tonnes by 2022.
According to an annual report of the company, MHP launched the first site of Phase 2 of the complex in 2018 with a capacity of 30,000 tonnes. The expansion of production would allow MHP to increase poultry production by 36%, to 840,000 tonnes from 618,000 tonnes.
According to the report, MHP also continues actively seeking opportunities for mergers and acquisitions of companies that produce or process poultry meat in the EU, the Middle East and North Africa.
According to the report, since 2018 the company is building the second and largest biogas complex with a capacity of 24 MW at the Vinnytsia poultry complex. The complex will reach its full capacity in two years. The launch of Phase 1 with a capacity of 12 MW is scheduled for the middle of 2019.
MHP also intends to increase the land bank to 500,000 hectares (by the end of 2018 it had 370,000 hectares) “over the medium term in order to further reduce the dependence on third-party suppliers of ingredients for fodder, and to provide additional hard currency revenues from grain export sales.”
According to the report, the capital investment of MHP in 2018 amounted to $232 million, mainly thanks to the launch of the production sites of Phase 2 of the Vinnytsia poultry complex. The planned volume of capital investments for 2018-2022 is $420 million.

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