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The national forest inventory with a total budget of about UAH 60 million and the publication of data on the state of the forest fund will last until 2027 with the publication of an interim total in 2023, head of the production association Ukrderzhslisproekt Viktor Melnychenko said during a press conference at the Interfax-Ukraine agency on Tuesday.
Melnychenko said that the inventory being carried out would provide generalized information for strategic planning in various sectors, including forestry.

He clarified that the State Agency for Forest Resources had appointed Ukrderzhslisproekt to be responsible for the inventory of forests in Ukraine.
The inventory will be carried out in the next five years, after which the information received will be analyzed and the final report prepared for another year. At the same time, the expert noted that the national forest inventory is the only method for determining the currently unknown indicators of natural growth (loss) of forest vegetation, as well as their qualitative and quantitative indicators, which are the main ones in discussions about the intensity of forest use.
“During the period of independence, only two state forest registrations were carried out: in 1996 and in 2011. Conceptually, it is the Research Laboratory that is designed to change the principles of the national forest inventory,” Melnychenko said.
The head of Ukrderzhslisproekt said that during the inventory, 30 specialists from 15 teams would collect more than 50 items of indicators from 18,000 forest plots, where trees have important ecological and economic characteristics. To record all changes occurring in the forest, the control plots will be regularly studied over two five-year cycles, which will make it possible to prepare an array of more than 70 types of reporting data with generalized information about the forests of Ukraine.
According to him, at the moment the project staff numbers 19 people, of which seven teams have been formed, and five more employees will check the objectivity of the information already collected.
The inventory budget for 2021 will amount to UAH 12 million, 90% of which will be used to pay the salaries of workers collecting information in the field. Accordingly, the total budget of the National Forest Inventory for the entire duration of the program is planned at about UAH 60 million.
Melnychenko clarified that data on the state of forests would be made public on a publicly accessible specialized website with information about the national forest inventory. In this case, the maximum statistical error during research will be no more than 3%.
“The inventory data will be a significant source for scientific research, which will contribute to the further improvement of forest inventory characteristics. In the future, the research laboratory will play a key role in the state system of information on forests,” Melnychenko said.

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The Global Affairs Canada, implementing the Ukraine Horticulture Business Development Project (UHBDP), has decided to extend the project until March 31, 2022, whereas it was previously planned to be completed in 2021, project manager Dmytro Nikolayev said during a press conference in Kyiv. According to him, UHBDP for the period from 2014 to 2021 provided financial support for a total of UAH 43.25 million for 2,780 clients.
He clarified that by March 31, 2022, the project will additionally support clients under various programs in the amount of about UAH 20 million. He clarified that at present UHBDP focused on informing farmers about the legislative features of the land market launched from July 1, developing and implementing educational and online trading platforms, and providing grants for business restoration to the most vulnerable groups of agricultural producers.
As reported, UHBDP finances 30% of the total cost of projects, which are at least estimated at $ 200,000. The term of their implementation is a year and a half.
The Ukraine Horticulture Business Development Project (UHBDP) is funded by the Global Affairs Canada, implemented and co-financed by the Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA). MEDA works with Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation(MASHAV) and international service companies to provide technical support.
UHBDP works with producers from Zaporizhia, Kherson, Mykolaiv and Odesa regions, engaged in fruit and vegetable growing, berry growing, viticulture and beekeeping.

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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Ukraine together with the International Labor Organization (ILO) presented a new joint pilot project called “Economic Empowerment of Women as a Response to the COVID-19 Crisis in Ukraine,” the communications department of the UNDP in Ukraine said.
It says that he project aims to contribute to a sustainable recovery of living standards of the COVID-19 crisis-affected population in Ukraine by promoting and supporting women’s economic empowerment. This is to be done by improving the relevant institutional frameworks, and increasing economic opportunities to improve women’s livelihoods. The project will be implemented in two target regions of Ukraine – Rivne and Sumy regions.
UNDP Resident Representative to Ukraine Dafina Gercheva, speaking at the launch of the joint project, said that it aims to address shortcomings that were exposed by the pandemic, and to scale up efforts to support vulnerable groups.
“The promotion of women’s economic empowerment is a crucial step that brings us closer to gender equality. I’m confident that this project will serve as a starting point for a great partnership, promoting equal economic opportunities, and supporting women’s economic resilience – despite the formidable challenges the current crisis is posing,” Gercheva said.
In turn, Director of the ILO Office for Central and Eastern Europe, Markus Pilgrim, noted that access to the labor market is a key issue in Ukraine – 36 percent of women between 15-64 years are outside the labor force.
“The pandemic sharpened the existing problems of the Ukrainian labor market. In times of crisis, entrepreneurship constitutes an important and sometimes unique opportunity for women to get out of poverty, but could also lead to further improvements – decent employment, gender equality and economic empowerment,” Pilgrim said.
It is noted that this project is all about promoting gender equality and women empowerment at all levels, including national, sub-national and community levels.
The joint project has a total of four activities with several sub-activities, holistically addressing the topic on the macro-, meso-, and micro levels. Besides several events to encourage inclusive policy dialogue, four local communities and two Business Membership Organizations will be supported to strengthen their portfolio to support women-led businesses.
The project would provide 100 women with training to advance their entrepreneurial skills by applying modules of the world’s largest entrepreneurship development program.
Afterwards, 25 women-entrepreneurs will receive mentoring assistance to certify their business or other related activities. Furthermore, 25 micro-, small and medium enterprises are selected to receive e-commerce training in the target regions.



Over the past two years, the prosecutor’s office has initiated 560 criminal cases on the fact of unlawful acts committed by law enforcement officers. And only six of them were brought an accusation.
Former Interior Minister of Ukraine Anatoliy Mohyliov said this at a press conference at the Interfax-Ukraine news agency on Tuesday, noting that no one in the Interior Ministry today is watching the punishment of persons who have committed violation of the law.
“The complete absence of departmental control over violators within the system gives rise to permissiveness and undermines the foundations of the entire state. Remember the murder at the post of a policeman in 2015 – the suspects were detained, they were charged, after which … everyone was released! When persons involved in such a grave crime calmly walk down the street and work, including in government agencies, this is nonsense!” the ex-minister noted.
The ex-head of the Kyiv district police department, Denys Yaroslavsky, in turn, recalled the case with the service center of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Kharkiv region. According to him, in November 2020, as part of an ongoing investigation, journalists were able to obtain fake license plates of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, medical certificates of suitability for driving in the name of the head of the Kharkiv region police, Police General Valeriy Sokurenko, a certificate with a photo of SBU Chairman Ivan Bakanov and ex-Deputy Head of the President’s Office of Ukraine Serhiy Trofimov. Moreover, without the presence of the officials themselves. All this was made in the premises of the regional service center of the Interior Ministry in Kharkiv region. After reviewing the materials, Denys Yaroslavsky on the air in November 2020 transferred the relevant documents, testifying to numerous corruption actions in the system of service centers, to Deputy Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko. The latter promised to study and go into the matter.
According to journalist Ihor Lesev, after the broadcast of the materials of the journalistic investigation, a group of companies led by Serhiy Vakulenko (as a part of Vip-Expert LLC, Region-Expert LLC, Transkom-plus LLC) moved from the building of the service center of the Interior Ministry to another office. None of the responsible persons of the service centers or the main department of the National Police in Kharkiv region incurred any responsibility for the production of false medical certificates, fake registration numbers of vehicles and illegal transactions of its purchase and sale. At the same time, only the non-payment of the lease by Vakulenko’s group caused damage exceeding UAH 200,000 to the service centers in Kharkiv.
According to another participant in the press conference, ex-military prosecutor of Ukraine Ihor Serkov, while the suspects in the journalistic investigation have not been announced they are suspected of committing a crime with the election of an appropriate preventive measure, the violations mentioned in the film are abstract.
“If the employees of the service centers and the officials of the main department of the National Police in Kharkiv region associated with them, suspected of corruption and illegal actions, are not punished, there is no guarantee that this scheme will not find its continuation in the very near future. The main principle is lost – the inevitability of punishment of suspects,” Serkov said.

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The plan of the Big Construction program as of mid-November 2020 was already completed by 87%, the Big Construction project office at the President’s Office of Ukraine has told Interfax-Ukraine.
“For all of us, Big Construction is, first of all, a significant managerial and media challenge. Some 87% of completed objects speak for themselves – this is an absolute record of completion for all the years of independence. By the end of the year, they should approach 95%,” Deputy Head of the President’s Office Kyrylo Tymoshenko said.
According to the office, by mid-November, work was completed at the following facilities: schools – 93%, state roads – 92%, kindergartens – 89%, sports facilities – 87%, local roads – 81%, piece structures – 78%.
In total, within the framework of the Big Construction program, announced by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in early 2020, it was planned to update and build 6,500 km of state and local roads, more than 150 artificial structures, 100 schools, 100 kindergartens, 100 sports facilities.
According to Tymoshenko, in 2021, in addition to the continuation of current projects (roads, schools, medical institutions, etc.), new infrastructure areas will be added to the Big Construction program: updating checkpoints on the borders of Ukraine and their entrances, a government program for affordable housing, public-private partnership projects in the medical field, the development and renewal of regional aviation infrastructure.
As reported, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on September 18 adopted bill No. 3991 on amendments to the state budget. The matter concerns the allocation of UAH 3.16 billion of unused state funds for infrastructure projects, a significant part of which is unfinished construction.

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Kovalska Industrial and Construction Group intends to invest $ 70 million in the construction of five business centers in the Unit.City innovation park, CEO of the group Serhiy Pylypenko has said at a press briefing.
“The Kovalska team will undertake the construction of a cluster, which, in particular, will include five business campuses with a total area of 70,000 square meters. Investments in the development of the innovation park from the group will exceed $70 million. The project is expected to be completed in four years,” a press release from the company says.
Pylypenko noted, joining the project as a 100% campus investor will allow the company to gain a foothold in the status of a professional commercial real estate developer.
All properties are expected to be certified according to the Leed Silver green standard. To develop the projects, Kovalska involved the Polish architectural bureau APA Wojcoechowski and the international engineering company TEBIN.
“Thanks to its financial, technical resources and its construction capabilities, Kovalska fully takes control of this project – from the concept to the completion of construction and management,” Pylypenko said, stressing that the company is a 100% investor in the project.
According to the founder of UFuture holding, Vasyl Khmelnytsky, who is quoted by the press service, the Unit.City project has been implemented only by 7%. Attracting powerful strategic partners to the development of this project will provide an opportunity to bring it to the global level in 2023.

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