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The reduction in expenditures of the general fund of the state budget-2022, which will allow UAH 73.32 billion to be allocated to the Reserve Fund, will affect a significant part of the managers, follows from the relevant resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 401 of April 1, published on the government website on Sunday.
In particular, according to it, spending on the Verkhovna Rada will be reduced by UAH 270.8 million, the State Administration of Affairs – by UAH 121.5 million, the economic and financial department of the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers – by UAH 271.6 million, the State Judicial Administration – by UAH 1 billion 576.3 UAH million Office of the Prosecutor General – by UAH 1 billion 402.6 million.
In addition, expenses were reduced for such administrators as the Ministry of Economy – by UAH 689.4 million (mainly for the State Food and Consumer Service and anti-epizootic measures), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – by UAH 562.7 million, the Ministry of Health – UAH 588.7 million, the Ministry of Energy – UAH 510.6 million (mainly in the coal industry), the Ministry of Agrarian Policy – UAH 552.4 million (mainly the formation of the Loan Guarantee Fund in the agro-industrial complex and land inventory for the State GeoCadastre).
This list also includes the Ministry of Sports – UAH 1 billion 258.4 million, the Ministry of Finance with tax, customs and State Financial Monitoring – UAH 2 billion 507.3 million, the Ministry of Justice – UAH 669.4 million, the Ministry of Culture – UAH 847.2 million, the Ministry of Reintegration – 437, UAH 6 million, the National Academy of Sciences – UAH 549.8 million, the State Space Agency – UAH 245.2 million (of which rocket fuel disposal – UAH 240 million) and a number of other government agencies with smaller spending cuts.
However, the main cuts are in general state spending supervised by the Ministry of Veterans – UAH 5 billion 496.1 million (mainly subventions to local budgets), the Ministry of Education and Science – UAH 14 billion 771.3 million (including educational subsidies to local budgets – 10.8 billion UAH) and the Ministry of Social Policy – UAH 32 billion 147.5 million (including the Pension Fund – UAH 20.1 billion).
In addition, UAH 3 billion 774.4 billion will be released at the expense of the Ministry of Infrastructure, mainly due to the article on guaranteeing flights to Ukraine (UAH 3.63 billion) introduced on the eve of the war.
As reported, in March, the government already carried out the first such sequestration of the budget for UAH 107 billion – these funds were also directed through the Reserve Fund to finance priority needs during the war, including support for the army. As Minister of Finance Sergei Marchenko explained, the government has such powers within the framework of martial law introduced in the country.

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