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New quarantine rules will take effect in the country from August 1, Health Minister Maksym Stepanov said during a press briefing in Kyiv on Wednesday.
“From August 1, new rules regarding quarantine restrictions begin to operate in Ukraine. We have made a distribution into four zones, each will have different restrictions. The softest will be in the ‘green’ zone – mask mode, keeping a distance, one person per 5 square meters at public events, when visiting cinemas and theaters, the occupancy of the hall is no more than 50%, in public transport transportation is exclusively within the seating area. Regarding the crossing of the border between the ‘red’ and ‘green’ zones within the country, traffic will be limited in the ‘red’ zone, appropriate posts will be set up at the crossing,” he said.
The minister stressed that new rules are introduced for the division of countries into “red” and “green” zones.
“Regarding the arrival from abroad from August 1, the statistics will be updated every seven days. We will also change the indicators – if we are currently measuring the number of active patients in the country, then from August 1 this will happen like in European countries. There will be two indicators – if the increase in patients over the past 14 days exceeds such an increase in the territory of Ukraine and if the percentage of increase in the last 14 days compared to the previous 14 days is more than 30 people,” Stepanov said.



PJSC Donbasenergo counts on continuation of initiatives of the regulator, profile ministries and the Verkhovna Rada committee to introduce the best global practices in the operation of the new electricity market, which would allow stabilizing the operation of electricity generating companies. According to a press release of the company, Donbasenergo notes the importance of the initiatives already implemented regarding price adjustment in the balancing market, which made it possible to provide this service without incurring losses.
“At the same time, the market situation for electricity generating companies remains difficult, in particular, only in December, the company’s losses amounted to UAH 130 million,” the company said.
Donbasenergo expressed the hope that the Ministry of Energy and Environment Protection, the regulator, the Verkhovna Rada committee on energy, housing and utilities will continue implementing the best global practices, and companies operating in the electricity generation market will be able to avoid artificially lower prices as well as unprofitable work in the future,” the company said in the press release.
Donbasenergo operates Starobesheve (located in the occupied territory) and Sloviansk thermal power plants (TPPs).
PrJSC Energoinvest Holding owns 60.86% of shares in Donbasenergo, and the state holds 25% of the shares in the company.

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The Cabinet of Ministers on Wednesday amended resolution No. 374 dated May 26, 2005 on the approval of the rules of the public registration of medicines.
According to the document posted on the government’s website, the government improved the rules of the public registration or re-registration of medicines, in particular, the rules of providing access to the results of their clinical trials and obliged the Health Ministry to publish all the results of the nonclinical and clinical trials for medicines.
In addition, the government extended the registration certificates of medicines to be procured by international organizations using national budget funds, and canceled the mandatory provision of a GMP document for re-registration.
These changes will ensure free access to information on the medicine and eliminate the risks associated with disruptions in medicine supplies due to the delay of the public registration caused by the updating of the GMP certificates.

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