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Bosch in Ukraine saw a 19% rise in sales in Ukraine in 2018 compared with the previous year, to almost EUR 90 million, the company said in a press release on Tuesday.
As reported, the initial sales forecast for the company this year planned at least 15% growth.
“Last year was successful for the company, all directions showed a good result, which allowed us to reach the pre-crisis level and significantly improve overall profitability in euros,’ Director General of Robert Bosch Ltd Vitaliy Bulda said.
According to him, “positive business development” is also expected in the current year, based on the results of the first quarter.
According to the company, in 2018, all business areas showed a positive development, in particular the Mobility Solutions sector, which is mainly represented by the auto parts division, significantly increased, the industrial technologies and electric tools divisions significantly increased, and in the construction technologies sector the growth was 75%.
The Bosch Auto Service network, according to the company, remains the largest independent network of car maintenance stations in Ukraine. Today it unites 108 stations (a year ago 104): 92 Bosch Car Service stations and 16 Bosch Diesel Service stations.
The Thermotechnology division continued its participation in the energy efficiency program developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), which allows end users to have compensation for 35% of the cost of energy efficient housing upgrades.
Bosch in Ukraine has also implemented several innovative projects, in particular, on installing solar cell batteries on the roof of a sports complex, shopping centers, and business centers.



The volume of sales of services by telecommunications and postal communications enterprises in Ukraine in January-March 2019 amounted to UAH 16.99 billion, which in absolute prices is lower than the prices in Q1 2018 by 1.93%, according to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine.
According to its data, the volume of international services amounted to UAH 1.79 billion, which was 10.94%% up from Q1 2018.
At the same time, in absolute prices the volume of sales of services by telecommunications and postal communications enterprises grew by 11.2% in Q1 2019, to UAH 1.526 billion, including a rise of 7.84% in international services.
The volume of sales of mobile communications services in Q1 2019 fell by 5.85%, to UAH 8.633 billion, of which international services amounted to UAH 928 million (19.4% up from Q1 2018).
The volume of sales of Internet services in Q1 2019 rose by 19.19% and amounted to UAH 3.535 billion, including international services grew by 5.27% compared with Q1 2018.



Pharmacy sales in Ukraine in April 2019 in monetary terms rose by 16.1% compared with April 2018, to UAH 8.073 billion, but decreased by 3.7% in natural terms, to 139.8 million packages.
According to the Apteka edition, with reference to data from the analytical system PharmXplorer/Pharmstandard, in April 2019 sales of medicines in monetary terms grew by 14.6% compared to April 2018, to UAH 6.703 billion, in natural terms by 4%, to 88.9 million packs.
The Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies Farmak, the corporations Arterium and Darnitsa, as well as Teva (Israel) and Sanofi (France) are among the top five marketing organizations.
As reported, in 2018 pharmacy sales in Ukraine in monetary terms increased by 23.4% compared with 2017, to UAH 84.574 billion, sales in natural terms for the period decreased by 0.84% compared with 2017, to 1.52 billion packages.



Astarta agricultural holding, the largest sugar producer in Ukraine, in January-March 2019 saw a fall in sugar sales by 42% year-over-year, to 53,960 tonnes, the company has reported on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) on Wednesday.
According to the press release, the sales of wheat for the period fell 78.7%, to 10,750 tonnes, sunflower by 42%, to 11,830 tonnes, and milk by 7%, to 26,020 tonnes.
At the same time, sales of corn increased 3.3-fold, to 304,210 tonnes, barley – from 9 tonnes to 2,410 tonnes, soybean oil – by 13%, to 14,220 tonnes, and soybean meal – by 11%, to 46,870 tonnes.
The company said that at the same time, the average sugar prices for this period decreased 15%, sunflower 10%, soybean oil 16%, while wheat grew by 20%, corn by 23%, barley by 1.8 times, soybean meal by 1%, and milk by 15%.
Astarta is a vertically integrated agricultural holding operating in five regions of Ukraine.

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Ovostar Union, one of the leading egg and egg products producer in Ukraine, in January-March 2019 cut shell eggs sales by 2% year-over-year, to 335 million.
According to a company report on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) last week, export sales of shell eggs grew by 35% year-over-year and reached 186 million, which represents 56% of total number of eggs sold in Q1 2019 (40% in Q1 2018).
Average price of eggs in Q1 2019 decreased 8% year-over-year in U.S. dollar terms, to $0.069 per egg.
The volume of eggs produced in Q1 2019 was 384 million, a slight decline year-over-year. The volume of eggs processed in Q1 2019 grew by 3% year-over-year and reached 142 million.
The volume of dry egg products sold amounted to 532 tonnes, out of which 373 tonnes, or 70%, were exported.
The volume of liquid egg products sold was 3,498 tonnes, out of which export sales equaled 1,636 tonnes or 47%.
Average price of dry egg products decreased year-over-year by 8% to $4.63 per kg; average price of liquid egg products fell by 2%, to $1.46 per kg.
As of March 31, 2019 the company’s total flock equaled 7.86 million hens, including 6.67 laying hens.
“In the first quarter of 2019 unfavorable price dynamics was observed on the local market. However, the company managed to balance the situation by increasing its exports. In general, we are satisfied with the results achieved in the reporting period,” Ovostar CEO Borys Bielikov said.

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Kyivsky cardboard paper mill (Obukhiv, Kyiv region), a leader in Ukraine’s pulp and paper industry in terms of production and sales, saw a 2% rise in production of goods in money terms in January-March 2019 year-over-year, to UAH 1.349 billion, according to the Ukrpapir association.
Corrugated packaging output fell by 2.7%, to 54.27 million square meters, retaining the second highest result among producers of corrugated packaging in Ukraine after Rubizhne cardboard packaging mill in Luhansk region (with Trypilsky packaging plant).
Production of cardboard decreased 12.5%, to 47,960 tonnes. Production of package cardboard alone fell by 3%, to 34,730 tonnes, while box cardboard output fell by almost 30%, to 13,230 tonnes.
Production of base paper (for sanitary products) stood at 20,000 tonnes, which is 9% up year-over-year. Toilet paper output rose by 4.7%, to 108.81 million rolls.
Corrugated packaging output in total in Ukraine (including other producers) fell by almost 5% in January-March 2019, to 234.17 million square meters, that of paper and cardboard decreased by 8.7%, to 213,860 tonnes and toilet paper grew by 3.7%, to 173 million rolls.
Kyivsky cardboard paper mill is one of the largest cardboard and paper producers in Europe. It employs almost 2,200 people. It sells produce to almost 700 companies in Ukraine, some CIS member states and the rest of the world.

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