Business news from Ukraine


Kyivstar, a mobile operator, has released a universal Smart SIM starter kit without a tariff plan, which can be used, inter alia, for self-changing a SIM card, the operator’s press service has said.
Smart SIM can be used to connect the SIM for Devices tariff plan, to activate the SIM for Tablet service, as well as to independently replace the SIM card.
The SIM for Devices tariff plan allows using the services of the mobile operator in smart devices: alarms, GPS trackers, sensors, smart watches and the like. Every day, subscribers will receive 30 MB of mobile Internet, 30 minutes for calls and 30 SMS messages for their use in IoT devices.
The SIM for Tablet service allows using another SIM card for the Internet in the tablet, the second smartphone or modem, having one number and account for the primary and secondary cards.
In addition, in order to simplify the process of SIM card recovery, Kyivstar canceled payment for the Self-Swop of SIM service.
Earlier, Kyivstar launched the Calls for Parents tariff plan for older subscribers.
Kyivstar is a Ukrainian telecommunications operator. It provides communications and data transfer services based on a wide range of mobile and fixed technologies, including 3G. The shareholder of Kyivstar is VEON international group (formerly VimpelCom Ltd.). The shares of the group are listed on NASDAQ (New York).

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