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It’s no secret that the food industry both in the world and in Ukraine can no longer do without chemical additives. Dyes, preservatives are used by manufacturers of confectionery products, dairy products, drinks, sausages and much more.
The Club of Experts project and Doctor of Biological Sciences Sviatoslav Morozov analyzed all food additives and made a rating of the top ten most harmful food additives.
The expert notes that in the 21st century many products cannot be produced without special additives due to the technical nuances of their production. Most of the additives are intended to extend the shelf life of food for transporting these products both across the country and around the world.
The Club of Experts and Sviatoslav Morozov defined ten main additives in products among those undesirable for frequent use: E211, E122, E124, E110, E952, E131, E105, E107, E222, E126. A conscientious manufacturer, according to the law, must indicate the full composition of the product on the packaging, therefore, when buying a food product, one should pay attention not only to the expiration date, but also to what this product is made of.
How harmful E additives are, what can be the consequences for health, which human organs they can affect and how to minimize such an effect on the human body, watch the new issue of the Club of Experts project on the YouTube channel

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