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Ukrainian airports in January 2022, according to recent data, served almost 1.226 million passengers, which is 135.3% more than in the same month last year.
According to the website of the State Aviation Service of Ukraine, in international traffic, passenger traffic of airports increased by 143.8% in January of this year, to 1.103 million people.
Ukrainian airlines served 515,500 people during the reporting period (79.6% more). In particular, 458,600 people were transported in international traffic (81% more).
At the same time, in January of this year, the airlines operated 4,700 commercial flights (an increase of 51.6%), including 3,600 international ones (56.5% more).

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Lviv International Airport in January 2022 increased passenger traffic to 139,286 people, which is 3.18 times more compared to January 2021.
According to a message on the airport’s official Facebook page, the number of flights serviced in January grew by 2.3 times, to 1,472 from 642 flights in January 2021. Of these, 1,157 flights were made on international routes (an increase of 136.6%) and 315 were domestic flights (an increase of 5.9%).
In general, during the reporting period, the airport serviced 124,442 international and 14,844 domestic passengers.
As reported, Lviv Airport in 2021 increased passenger traffic to 1.834 million people, which is 108.8% more than in 2020.
Lviv International Airport in 2020 cut passenger traffic by 60% compared with 2019, to 878,500 people.

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According to the results of 2021, Ukrzaliznytsia transported more than 25 million passengers in long-distance passenger trains, which is 150% more than in 2020, when 16 million passengers were transported.
As the press service of Ukrzaliznytsia reported on Monday, train pair No. 45/46 Uzhgorod – Lysychansk became the most popular in terms of the number of passengers carried in 2021: in 2021, 899,700 passengers used it. The second in demand was train pair No. 41/42 Dnipro – Truskavets (520,700 passengers). The third is train pair No. 69/70 Mariupol – Lviv (485,300 passengers).
In addition, the top five most popular trains included train pair No. 91/92 Odesa – Kostiantynivka (465,700 passengers) and train pair No. 145/146 Kyiv – Izmail (449,400 passengers).

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Kyiv Sikorsky International Airport (Zhuliany) expects a significant increase in the number of flights in 2022-2023, as a result of which it is planned to double passenger traffic, according to the airport’s website with reference to Board Chairman Denys Kostrzhevsky.
“Our forecasts for the resumption of passenger traffic came true by 98%. We celebrate the new year with pleasure from the work done in difficult 2021 and look to the future with the hope of an even greater increase in passenger traffic,” Kostrzhevsky is quoted as saying.
In his opinion, the next few years will not be easy for the airport team, since it will require considerable efforts, in particular, in connection with the planned expansion of Wizzair’s presence at the airport and preparations for a runway reconstruction in 2023-2024.
“2022 and 2023 are extremely important for us. We will have to make a lot of efforts, because we expect a significant increase in the number of flights. We plan to double our passenger traffic and actually accumulate a financial reserve so as not to lose the team during the period when reconstruction begins,” he said.
The board head also explained that reconstruction will last two years and will take place in two stages.
“In 2022, a runway reconstruction project will be approved and a source of funding for it will be found. The first stage of reconstruction is 2023. The airport staff will work as usual. During this year, aprons, taxiways and lighting equipment will be reconstructed. The second stage is 2024. We will stop the airport operation for the runway reconstruction, but we will keep all the jobs and salaries of employees. We will live on the savings that we will make in 2022-2023. After all, it is very important for me to preserve jobs, professional skills of our employees,” Kostrzhevsky said.
He also said that as a result of reconstruction, the airport’s production capacity will be increased, equipment will be updated, the quality of service and flight safety will improve, and the number of jobs will increase by a third.



Airports of Ukraine in January-August 2021, according to operational data, serviced 9.77 million passengers, which is 65.7% more than in January-August 2020.
As reported on the website of the State Aviation Service of Ukraine on Thursday, international passenger traffic of airports for the specified period grew by 69.2%, to 8.831 million people.
Ukrainian airlines served 6.089 million people in the first eight months of 2021, which is 96.1% more than in the first eight months of 2020, including international traffic of 5.626 million people (more than doubled).
At the same time, in January-July 2021, airlines performed 47,800 commercial flights (an increase of 68.9%), including 38,800 international (a rise of 70.9%).
As reported, at the end of 2020, Ukrainian airports serviced 8.664 million passengers, which is 64.4% less than in 2019.

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