Business news from Ukraine


21 March , 2019  

The TAS insurance group (Kyiv) in February 2019 collected UAH 125.59 million in insurance premiums, which is 59.3% more than a year ago.
According to a posting on the website of the company, 31.88%or UAH 40.04 million of premiums were collected with signing of compulsory insurance of vehicle owners’ civil liability (OSAGO) policies, which is 47.9% more than in February 2018.
The amount of Green Card policies sold grew by 68.7%, to UAH 35.8 million, or 28.51 of total premiums.
The share of voluntary car insurance (KASKO) was 17%: policies for UAH 21.35 million were signed, which is 51% more than a year ago.
The group collected UAH 12 million under property insurance policies, which is 9.55% of total premiums collected in February and three times more than a year ago.
TAS collected UAH 2.55 million under voluntary medical insurance contracts and UAH 13.85 million under other insurance contracts.
In February 2019, the group paid UAH 56.12 million in claims, which is 42.5% more than a year ago.

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