Business news from Ukraine


14 December , 2018  

TerraTarsa Ukraine LLC (Kherson region) has invested over $1 million in the launch of a first stage of the liquid mineral fertilizer plant in Kakhovka, Kherson region. According to a report of the Kherson Regional Administration, a production capacity of the first stage of the plant is 60,000 liters a day (3 million liters a year). The plant can store 100,000 liters of fertilizers. The production process is fully automated.
In addition, the company plans to open the second stage for production of crystalline fertilizers with a capacity of 15,000 tonnes a year. Currently, 75 people are working at the enterprise.
TerraTarsa Ukraine was founded in autumn 2011 after the merger of Doktor Tarsa (Turkey) and Terra Ltd. (Ukraine). The company supplies the Ukrainian market and the markets of neighboring countries with complex technological solutions for intensive cultivation of a wide range of crops, offers more than 20 types of fertilizers.
In September 2017, the company opened the Terralab soil-agrochemical laboratory in Kakhovka, which conducts a number of tests (soil, water, fertilizers and plants). The volume of investments is $500,000. According to the unified public register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, the founder of TerraTarsa Ukraine is TerraTarsa B.V. (the Netherlands), and the ultimate beneficiary is Andriy Hoholev.

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