Business news from Ukraine


7 December , 2017  

KYIV. Dec 7 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Textile-Kontakt (Kyiv), a leading textile fabric seller in Ukraine, seeks to open new cotton fabric production site TK-Bohuslav Textile (Bohuslav, Kyiv region) in January 2018, the company’s press service has told Interfax-Ukraine.
“This production site has been created on the basis of production facilities of Bohuslav Textile for improving the quality of fabric and designing of new fabric for the armed forces, enforcement agencies, producing workwear and expanding production from small pilot batches to bulk production,” the press service said.
The approximate investment plans for 2018 are UAH 20-30 million. It is planned to create 50-70 jobs.
The plan for the next year is production more than 2 million running meters of fabrics with special properties, namely rip-stop (TK warrior), Pixel type 3, type 4, oxford, tarpaulin and belt braid.
“This will allow Textile-Kontakt to establish a full cycle of production of military uniforms and ammunition for power structures – from processing cotton to tailoring finished products, improve the quality of finished products and reduce the cost of finished products, as well as produce in Ukraine fabric analogs that until today Ukrainian law enforcement agencies purchase for their needs from Russian manufacturers, for example, waterproof canvas 11292 SKPV,” the company said.
The press service reminds that by 2014 the enterprise provided the needs of the light industry of Ukraine with cotton fabrics at the expense of the production division of TK Donbas production association in Donetsk, where 700 people worked. The production capacity was about 2 million running meters of fabric per month.
At the first stages of the development of TK-Bohuslav Textile production capacity will be 90% less than at the factory in Donetsk (currently it is frozen), but in the company’s future plans are the expansion of production and output for export.