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24 June , 2021  

On June, 26, 27 and 28 the «Kyivan Rus Park» invites to celebrate the Constitution Day of Ukraine in a place where our statehood was born, and to spend the holidays and weekends in fresh air with exciting medieval amusements, horse-trick shows, horse riding and tasty dishes prepared on a bonfire.
On June 26, 27 and 28, an interesting entertainment program dedicated to the Constitution Day of Ukraine will take place in Ancient Kyiv. The celebration will begin with the parade of princely flags and the solemn greeting of the Great Prince of Kyiv Volodymyr, and will continue with theatrical stagings on ancient Slavic themes and horse-trick performances. Until the very evening, the visitors will be able to take an active part in merry and cognitive medieval actions, games and amusements.
The demonstrative performances of the actors-stuntmen of the horse-trick theatre of Ancient Kyiv on the virtuoso possession of various types of medieval weapon on a horseback will be the highlight of the program. The guests of the Principality will see the performances of horseback archers: on a horseback at full gallop the sportsmen will compete in the shooting accuracy from real medieval bows. This is an incredibly difficult task for the competition participants, but at the same time, an exciting and thrilling sight for the visitors!
The horses of rare ancient breeds gathered from distant corners of the world in the Princely stable will be the real stars of the festive program. The representatives of some breeds can be found nowhere else in Ukraine, because they were brought to our country in a single number. The horses can be approached, palmed, taken a photo with and ridden on a horseback or in a carriage.
Shooting from the only operating huge throwing weapons in Ukraine – trebuchets – will be the culmination of the festive program.
The visit to Ancient Kyiv is subject to the requirements of the quarantine regime.
* The program may be changed.
Ancient Kyiv opens at 10:00. The program starts at 14:00.
The ticket price: a full adult ticket – 230 UAH, for pensioners and students – 150 UAH, for schoolchildren – 80 UAH, for preschool children – for free.
Ancient Kyiv in the «Kyivan Rus Park» is located in Kyiv region, Obukhiv district, the vill. Kopachiv.
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