Business news from Ukraine


6 June , 2018  

JSC AvtoKrAZ (Kremenchuk, Poltava region) plans to triple supplies of vehicles to non-CIS countries compared with 2017. “The increase in export deliveries to non-CIS countries is planned, first of all, by entering new markets and, of course, consolidating in already mastered ones,” the head of the company’s press service, Dina Stehantseva, told Interfax-Ukraine, in addition to the press -release about the shipment of the all-wheel-drive trucks to one of the countries of the South-East Asia.
“This is a new contractor of the enterprise. We have not been present in this market before,” she said. At the same time, the size of the batch and the customer were not disclosed.
According to the financial statement of the enterprise, 677 vehicles were shipped in 201.The share of foreign countries accounted for 8%.
According to the press release of the enterprise, tropical versions 12 cubic meter KrAZ-65032 dump truck and KrAZ-63221 container truck are designed for use in extremely harsh environment, construction works on the shore, mostly in aggressive environment, in salt water up to the waist in compliance with customer’s specification.
Both tropical versions are right-hand drive vehicles. Taking into account specific job location, exhaust system of these dump trucks and container trucks exhaust gases go out via silencer mounted on the left side behind the cab. All removable connections are tight, cooling system has aluminum radiator without wind shutter, the vehicles are provided with tropical tires without tire inflation system.
The vehicles are equipped with Euro-2 engine rated at 380hp and manual 9-speed transmission. The KrAZ-65032 dump truck designed for carrying loads on and off road is provided with strong dump body. The KrAZ-63221 container truck is used for carrying 20 feet container and towing trailer on all kinds of roads and off road. The vehicle is provided with crane for cargo handling.