Business news from Ukraine


16 July , 2020  

UK-based IWG Plc, a flexible office solutions provider, is expanding its network in Ukraine and opening a new Regus workspace in Kyiv.
According to a press release from the company, the new workspace of nearly 1,700 square meters will be located in the business center Avenue 53 in Peremohy Avenue, and will be designed for 295 jobs.
“We have been looking for a location in Peremohy Avenue for a long time, because there was a request from our residents who travel to the center of the capital every day from Akademmistechko or Irpin and spend more than an hour in traffic jams, because time is the most valuable thing for each of us. Therefore, expanding our network in Kyiv, we opted for Avenue 53,” Director of IWG in Ukraine Yulia Lytvynenko said.
Despite the slump during the quarantine period, she said the IWG expects demand for flexible office solutions without fixed jobs to grow.
“Now, due to the high level of uncertainty, a classic office with a long-term lease is associated with great risks. While flexible offices allow companies to increase or decrease the number of employees without financial losses and pay only for the area they use,” she said.
IWG (formerly Regus Group) is the global operator of leading office rental companies. The first Regus office center in Ukraine is Horizon Tower in Shelkovichna Street was opened in 1998. In total in Ukraine as of July 2020 IWG is represented by two brands Regus and Spaces in ten business centers in Kyiv: Maidan Plaza Spaces, Horizon Tower, Kyiv Podil, Gulliver, Horizon Park Business Center, Podil Heritage, IQ center, Silver Breeze, Forum West Side, and Avenue 53.

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