Business news from Ukraine


8 February , 2018  

The Cabinet of Ministers on February 7 approved the resolution on amendments to the rules for providing the services of passenger road transportation and on amending the procedure for conducting a tender for carriage of passengers on the public bus route, actually launching the reform of the bus transportation market.
“This is not a space flight that was watched yesterday with enthusiasm – it is a real revolution in the field of bus transportation! Transparent and fair competition will lead to the fact that millions of people in Ukraine will not only use morally and physically worn out minibuses, often illegally redesigned from cargo minibuses, but modern, comfortable, safe buses. The preparation of this reform was started in 2016. These were long two years of nerves, blocking and counteraction, fighting, but it’s worth it,” Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan wrote on his Facebook page.
According to him, the amendments made to the government’s resolutions will make it possible to change the situation in the regular bus transportation market throughout the country in the near future.
“For the first time in the last ten years, we have abandoned obsolete rudiments and introduced the norms that are primarily aimed at improving the safety and quality of transportation, as well as creating conditions for people with disabilities,” the minister said.