Business news from Ukraine


8 September , 2021  

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted at second reading law on amendments to certain Laws of Ukraine concerning the enhancement of the activity of science parks (bill No. 4236), which, in particular, grants the right to universities and scientific institutions to create science parks without the consent of the Education Ministry.
The law was supported by 321 MPs with the required 226 votes.
The law also provides for preferential rental conditions for premises for science parks (UAH 1 per one square meter).
According to it, students, graduate students, researchers and employees of universities and research institutions should be involved in work in such parks.
At the same time, science parks can provide services such as research and development work, financial and economic support of investment (innovation) projects, as well as services for professional communication and harmonization of terminology, development and implementation of marketing strategies.
According to the Education Ministry, there are 36 scientific parks registered in Ukraine, the founders of which are budget institutions, including universities and research institutions.
During the discussion, parliamentarians said that current science parks are not an effective tool for innovation. In particular, due to the complex and lengthy process of creation, as well as the vaguely expressed legal status.