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26 December , 2017  

The National Commission for State Regulation of Communications and Information Technology has officially published an announcement about a tender to sell radio frequency licenses to introduce radio technology “International Mobile Telecommunications IMT” (4G, LTE, or Long Term Evolution) in the radio frequency bands 1710-1785 MHz, 1805-1880 MHz.
The tender will begin on February 26, 2018, the commission said in the announcement on its website.
To bid for each lot, the head of a company or an authorized person should notify the commission by the deadline indicated in the announcement about plans to participate and submit other documents related to the bid.
The commission accepts the notice of intention to take part in the tender and other documents of the tender offer on working days from 09:00 on December 26, 2017 until 16:45 on January 26, 2018.
The tender is conducted consistently on six lots in the following order of radio frequency bands in all regions of Ukraine: lot No. 1 with 1710-1725/1805-1820 MHz, lot No. 2 with 1725-1750/1820-1845 MHz, lot No. 3 with 1750-1770/1845-1865 MHz, lot No. 4 with 1770-1775/1865-1870 MHz, lot No. 5 with 1780-1785/1875-1880 MHz, and lot No. 6 with 775-1780/1870-1875 MHz.
The minimum payment for each lot (without taking into account the cost of conversion of the radio frequency resources of Ukraine) is as follows: UAH 795 million for lot No. 1, UAH 1.325 billion for lot No. 2, UAH 1.060 billion for lot No. 3, UAH 265 million for lot No. 4, UAH 265 million for lot No. 5, and UAH 265 million for lot No. 6.
The cost of conversion is UAH 940.259 million.
The validity of licenses is 15 years.