Business news from Ukraine


11 February , 2019  

Ukraine in January 2019 exported 455 tonnes of cheese, which was 23.5% up on January 2018. According to customs statistics released by Ukraine’s State Fiscal Service (SFS), cheese exports in monetary terms amounted to $1.5 million, which was 20% higher than the figure for the first month of 2018.
At the same time, imports of cheese in January 2019 totaled 1,180 tonnes, which was 35.7% more than in January last year. The imports in monetary terms increased by 30%, to $5.6 million.
Exports of Ukrainian creamery butter in January 2019 decreased by 28.5%, to 1,750 tonnes. The exports in monetary terms decreased by 37%, to $7.1 million. Imports of creamery butter, according to the SFS, decreased by 21%, to 90 tonnes ($585,000).
In January 2019, exports of condensed milk and cream decreased by 9%, to 2,150 tonnes. Ukraine supplied condensed milk and cream to the tune of $3.67 million, which was 3% less than in January 2018. Their imports decreased by 21%, to 167 tonnes ($325,000).
As was reported, Ukraine in 2018 imported 13,720 tonnes of cheese (37.1% up from 2017) and exported 8,340 tonnes of cheese (7.8% down from 2017).
Last year, exports of butter remained at the level of 2017, imports increased slightly, to 1,100 tonnes.
Exports of condensed milk and cream totaled 35,550 tonnes (24.1% down from 2017), imports were 2,360 tonnes (38.6% up from 2017).