Business news from Ukraine


14 August , 2019  

Ukraine reduced coke and semi-coke exports by 61% year-over-year, to 6,891 tonnes in January-April 2019.
According to customs statistics, published by the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, coke and semi-coke exports were down 65.2% in monetary terms, to $1.652 million.
The majority of deliveries were made to Belarus (22.4% in monetary terms), Romania (20.22%) and Moldova (17.68%).
Imports of coke and semi-coke rose by 12.9%, to 651,259 tonnes in January-July 2019, worth $200.694 million (15% up). The goods were mainly imported from Russia (84.36% in monetary terms), Poland (9.98%) and Egypt (3.74%).
As reported, Ukraine cut coke and semi-coke exports by 88.6% year-over-year to 25,578 tonnes in 2018. Imports of coke and semi-coke fell by 45.8%, to 839,757 tonnes in 2018, worth $251.724 million (44% down).
Some coalmines and coking plants in Ukraine are located in Russia-occupied areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions in eastern Ukraine.