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29 July , 2021  

The Council for Trade and Sustainable Development has selected two representatives of Ukraine to the Group of experts in accordance with Article 301 of the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement, thus Ukraine has completed the formation of its representatives in the Group, the Ministry of Economy reported on the website.
“Based on the results of the interviews with the candidates, two additional experts were selected by voting of the Council members. This allows us to fully form a pool of experts from the Ukrainian side and ensure the full work of the group by the end of this year,” the ministry said following the fifth meeting of the Council on Wednesday.
Additional recruitment of experts from Ukraine became a key issue of the meeting, the Ministry of Economy noted.
The ministry recalled that the expert Group should consist of 15 people: five each from Ukraine and the EU, as well as five people who are not citizens of any of the parties to the Agreement. The main task of the Group is to study any issue under Chapter 13 “Trade and Sustainable Development” of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, if this has not been satisfied through intergovernmental consultations.
Ukraine selected three experts during the fourth meeting of the Council, held in Kyiv in June 2019.
The approval of the full list of experts requires a decision by the Ukraine-EU subcommittee on trade and sustainable development, which is currently undergoing domestic approval procedures, the Economy Ministry added.

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