Business news from Ukraine


17 December , 2019  

Ukrainian run-of-mine (ROM) coal producers in January-November 2019 reduced production of coal by 6.8% compared to the same period in 2018, to 28.412 million tonnes.
According to the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry, production of coking coal increased by 5.3%, to 5.606 million tonnes, steam coal fell by 9.3%, to 22.807 million tonnes.
At the same time, Krasnolymanske LLC, controlled by Vitaliy Kropachev, continued the practice of hiding data on its activities from the ministry, which began in early September 2018.
According to the ministry, in November 2019 ROM coal production decreased by 1.2% compared to the same month of 2018, to 2.752 million tonnes.
Coal mining enterprises within the control of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry reduced extraction by 11.7%, to 3.343 million tonnes, in particular production of coking coal increased 56.9%, to 784,300 tonnes, while steam coal fell by 22.2%, to 2.559 million tonnes.
The mines of Donetsk region in January-November 2019 provided the production of 10.144 million tonnes of coal (0.2% less), Luhansk region some 313,100 tonnes (31.6% less), Dnipropetrovsk region some 16.633 million tonnes (9.2% less), Lviv region some 1.257 million tonnes (12.8% less), and Volyn region some 65,900 tonnes (down by 30%).