Business news from Ukraine


20 January , 2021  

Coke and chemical plants of Ukraine in 2020 imported 9.67 million tonnes of raw coking coal and coking coal concentrate, which is 6.4% less than in 2019.
According to the report of the Ukrmetalurgprom association on Monday, the supply of Ukrainian coal last year amounted to 3.62 million tonnes, which is 3.5% more than in 2019.
In general, in 2020, Ukrainian coke and chemical plants received 13.29 million tonnes of coking coal, which is 3.9% less compared to 2019. At the same time, the share of imported coal in the total supply amounted to 72.8% versus 74.77% in 2019.
Some 8.18 million tonnes of coke (92.7% compared to 2019) were supplied to Ukrainian metallurgical enterprises, including 8.03 million tonnes of Ukrainian origin (95.2%), and some 150,000 tonnes of imported (38.6%). The share of imported coke in the total supply amounted to 1.83% versus 4.41% in 2019.
In addition, over the past year, 2.929 million tonnes of scrap metal were procured (96% compared to 2019), of which 2.893 million tonnes (96.1% compared to 2019) were supplied to Ukrainian consumers as imported. Exports of scrap metal amounted to 36,000 tonnes (85.1%).
It is noted that the provision of metallurgical enterprises with Ukrainian iron ore raw materials for the reporting period was carried out in accordance with the needs of metallurgical production. The iron ore was not imported. Iron ore exports amounted to 46.23 million tonnes in 2020 (some 116% compared to 2019).
According to the updated data of Ukrmetalurgprom, in 2020 enterprises produced 31.91 million tonnes of sinter (103.3% over the same period in 2019), some 9.67 million tonnes of gross coke (96.1%), some 20.423 million tonnes of cast iron (101.8%), some 20.616 million tonnes of steel (98.9%), some 18.427 million tonnes of rolled products (101.2%), and some 850,000 tonnes of pipe products (83, 8%).
As of January 15, 2021, of the main operating production facilities, 17 out of 21 blast furnaces, seven out of eight open-hearth furnaces, 12 out of 16 converters, four out of 15 electric furnaces and 16 out of 17 continuous casting machines are in operation.