Business news from Ukraine


20 August , 2018  

Exports of Ukrainian agrarian products in January-June 2018 amounted to $8.6 billion compared to $8.7 billion in the same period last year.
According to a press release of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food, for the first half of the year the leaders of Ukrainian agrarian exports were grain crops with a share of 36.8%, vegetable oils with 26.2%, and oilseeds with 7.5%.
“Over the six months of this year, the following commodity groups showed the highest growth rates of exports: poultry eggs by 2.1 times (by $27.7 million), apples, pears and quince by 5.3 times ($6.7 million), legume vegetables by 58.3 times (by $11 million), butter and other fats made from milk by 65.2% ($29.2 million) and others,” Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food on the issues of European integration Olha Trofimtseva said.
According to her, the regional structure of Ukrainian agrarian exports has not changed: Asia countries rank first with a share of 43.2%, the European Union ranks second with 30.4%, and Africa ranks third with 14.6%.
“The top five of our largest customers in 2018 are headed by India, where agricultural and food products were exported for more than $1 billion. Egypt followed with $575.9 million, China with $526.6 million, the Netherlands with $525.3 million, Spain with $470.3 million,” the deputy minister noted.