Business news from Ukraine


12 January , 2018  

Ukrainian vehicle manufacturers produced 8,586 vehicles in 2017, which was 63% more than in 2016; the output of passenger cars alone increased by 68.1%, to 7,296 units, the Ukrautoprom Association has reported.
According to the association’s rough estimates, the production of buses during the year grew by 2.5 times, to 804 units; however, the data does not include reports from AutoKrAZ, which has not provided such information since last August.
The output of commercial vehicles (excluding trucks KrAZ) totaled 486 units.
Eurocar remained the leader in terms of production, as it produced 6,145 Skoda passenger cars, which was 56.1% up on 2016.
It is followed by ZAZ with 1,674 vehicles (1,151 passenger cars, 479 commercial vehicles and 44 buses), whereas its output in 2016 included 526 vehicles, namely 403 passenger cars, 118 commercial vehicles and five buses.
NJSC Cherkasy Autobus (Cherkasy Bus) boosted production of buses by 93%, to 382 vehicles. It also manufactured seven commercial vehicles against five in 2016.
Chasiv Yar bus plant produced 90 buses last year (37 in 2016), Etalon Corporation’s Chernihiv automobile plant manufactured 178 buses (3), while Bogdan Corporation 110 (78).
Ukrautoprom reported that in December 2017 alone, Ukrainian vehicles manufacturers produced 932 vehicles, which was 37.5% up on December 2016, but 8.1% down on November 2017.
Passenger cars accounted for the lion’s share of the country’s total vehicle output in December 2017: 752 units, which was 16% down on November 2017, but 39.3% up on December 2016.
The output of buses last month was 117 units, which was 30% up on November 2017 and 42.7% up year-on-year.
In particular, Eurocar produced 586 passenger cars, 17.2% up on December 2016, but 20.3% down on November 2017. ZAZ produced 234 vehicles in December 2017 against 202 in November 2017 and 99 in December 2016, including 166 passenger cars, 60 commercial vehicles and eight buses (40 passenger cars, 46 commercial vehicles and three buses in December 2016).
Most buses were produced by Cherkasy Bus (58 units), followed by Chernihiv automobile plant (20 units), ZAZ and Chasiv Yar bus plant (eight each), Bogdan Corporation (23 units).
Also, 63 trucks were manufactured in December 2017 with PJSC ZAZ accounting for the lion’s share. It was 2.2 times up on November 2017 and 12.5% up on December 2016.
As reported, the production of passenger cars in Ukraine in 2016 decreased by 23.2% from 2015, to 4,340 units.