Business news from Ukraine


10 September , 2021  

Coal mining enterprises of Ukraine in January-August 2021 increased production of run-of-mine coal by 6.2% (by 1.154 million tonnes) compared to the same period in 2020, to 19.681 million tonnes, according to data from the Ministry of Energy.
According to the calculations of Interfax-Ukraine, in particular, coal mining enterprises managed by the ministry increased production by 2.2 times over the eight months of this year (by 2.223 million tonnes), to 4.021 million tonnes, which is largely due to the return of Dobropilliavuhillia assets from DTEK’s lease.
The mines of Donetsk region over the eight months of this year ensured production of 8.129 million tonnes of coal (more by 21.4% compared to January-August 2020), Luhansk – 176,700 tonnes (more by 33.6%), Dnipropetrovsk – 10.506 million tonnes (less by 2.9%), Lviv – 858,100 tonnes (more by 1.1%), and Volyn – 11,000 tonnes (less by 57.6%).
In August 2021, production of run-of-mine coal in the country fell by 27.6% (by 770,200 tonnes) compared to the same month last year, to 2.016 million tonnes.