Business news from Ukraine


13 September , 2020  

Ukraine in January-August 2020 increased imports of natural gas by 30% (by 2.9 billion cubic meters) compared to the same period in 2019, to 12.5 billion cubic meters.
According to Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine (GTSOU), some 8 billion cubic meters were received from Slovakia for the eight months (more by 35% compared to January-August 2019), Hungary delivered 3.2 billion cubic meters (20% more), Poland some 1.3 billion cubic meters (34% more). At the same time, 2.3 billion cubic meters, 1.6 billion cubic meters and 800 million cubic meters of gas were imported from Hungary, Slovakia and Poland respectively through backhaul, which became available from the beginning of 2020.
According to GTSOU, 8.2 billion cubic meters of imported volumes since the beginning of the year were sent to UGS facilities for storage in the “customs warehouse” mode, of which 4.9 billion cubic meters came in the shorthaul mode (preferential tariff for certain points) and 3.3 billion cubic meters in the “border-customs warehouse” mode.
In August 2020, imports amounted to 3.4 billion cubic meters of gas, which is 1.7 times (1.4 billion cubic meters) more than in August 2019.
In general, 72 traders ordered gas transportation from the EU to Ukraine in January-August, of which 45 were Ukrainian and 27 foreign companies, and more than 50 customers took advantage of the services of shorthaul and “customs warehouse.”