Business news from Ukraine


14 March , 2019  

Coke plants of Ukraine imported 1.87 million tonnes of coking coal and coal concentrate for coking in January and February 2019, which is 3% more than in January and February 2018.
According to the Ukrmetallurgprom association, in February 2019, 870,000 tonnes was imported (86% compared with January 2019).
Ukrainian coal in the amount of 450,000 was shipped to the plants in January-February 2019, which is 10% less on January-February 2018. In February, 200 tonnes were delivered (86% compared with January).
In January-February 2019, Ukrainian coke plants received 2.32 million tonnes of coking coal, which is 2% more compared with January-February 2018. The share of imported coal was 80.6%. In February 2019, 1.07 million tonnes of coking coal was shipped (85% compared with January 2019).
Steel enterprises in Ukraine received 1.54 million tonnes of coke in January-February 2019 (91% compared with January-February 2018), including 1.43 million tonnes of Ukrainian coke and 0.11 million imported coke. The share of imported coke of total supplies was 7.2%.
In February 2019, steel enterprises received 727,000 tonnes of coke (89% compared with January), including 677,000 tonnes of Ukrainian coke and 50,000 tonnes of imported coke.