Business news from Ukraine


31 May , 2021  

Ukraine has initiated a special investigation into imports of sodium hypochlorite into Ukraine (according to foreign economic activity code 2828 90 00 00), regardless of the country of origin and export.

According to the report in the Uriadovy Kurier newspaper, the Interdepartmental Commission on International Trade adopted the corresponding decision on May 19, having considered the statement of JSC Dniproazot.

Based on the results of the consideration, the Commission found that the application contained sufficient substantiated evidence, on the basis of which it can be assumed that imports of sodium hypochlorite to Ukraine were carried out in such volumes and on such conditions that could cause significant harm to the national producer.

Within 30 days from the date of publication of this report, the Ministry of Economy registers the interested parties of the special investigation and considers the requirements for holding hearings.

According to the State Statistics Service, imports under a broader code (other hypochlorites) in the first quarter of 2021 amounted to almost 1,500 tonnes for $500,000, including from Italy – 90 tonnes for $160,000 and Russia – 75 tonnes for $120,000.