Business news from Ukraine


12 March , 2022  

The Government of Ukraine introduces a ban on the export of fertilizers from Ukraine, Minister of Agrarian Policy Roman Leschenko said on Facebook.

“In connection with the martial law, in order to maintain balance in the domestic market of significant mineral fertilizers, the government introduces a zero quota for their export. That is, a de facto ban on the export of fertilizers from Ukraine,” he said.

Leschenko said that this applies to nitrogen (TN VED code 3102), phosphorus (TN VED code 3103) and potassium (TN VED code 3104) mineral or chemical fertilizers.

According to him, this list also includes complex fertilizers – containing two or three nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium; other fertilizers; goods of this group in tablets, packages with a gross weight of not more than 10 kg (TN VED code 3105).

“I emphasize that this ban is of forced and temporary nature and is used to restore the balance of certain goods in the domestic market and ensure the sowing campaign, which is extremely important in order to prevent a food crisis in Ukraine and the world,” the head of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy said.

As reported, a few days earlier, the government added fertilizers to the list of critical imports, for the purchase of which it is allowed to buy foreign currency.