Business news from Ukraine


14 July , 2020  

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine supported bill No.2285-d on state regulation on organizing and conducting the gambling activity.
Some 248 MPs voted for relevant bill No. 2285-d at second reading at a meeting on Tuesday.
The law establishes a list of gambling activities that are permitted in Ukraine. In particular, it includes gambling in casino and online gambling establishments, betting activities at betting shops and via the Internet, issuing and conducting lotteries, and playing poker via the Internet.
The law allows the placement of casinos in Kyiv on the territory of five-star hotels, and for other settlements the law allows them to be placed in hotels of four and five star categories.
MPs also returned the requirement to place gambling establishments at a distance of at least 500 meters from educational institutions, and also expanded the circle of people who could apply to the court with a statement of limitation.
The law also provides for an online gaming machine monitoring system.

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