Business news from Ukraine


20 July , 2021  

The government intends to build 25 new industrial parks over the next three years, Minister for Communities and Territories Development Oleksiy Chernyshov has stated.
“Over the next three years, the Ukrainian government intends to build 25 new industrial parks, creating conditions and investing public funds in the creation of such facilities,” the minister said during the Ukraine 30. Labor Force forum.
He clarified that among the current 50 industrial parks, in fact, about ten are working.
Chernyshov recalled that two bills with amendments to the Tax and Customs Codes, containing fiscal incentives for industrial parks, have been registered in the parliament. The bills provide for the opportunity for participants in industrial parks to obtain exemption from the payment of import duties on equipment, import VAT on equipment and income tax for 10 years. It is also proposed to provide local authorities with the right to establish local tax exemptions for industrial parks and their residents.
“They will be adopted in the fall,” he said.
The minister also added that a bill on the restart of industrial parks is awaiting the second reading.
As reported, the Verkhovna Rada at first reading adopted bill No. 4416-1 on restarting industrial parks. It provides, in particular, compensation for industrial park residents for the share of investments from 15% to 70% of capital expenditures in the first three years, depending on the volume of the company’s exports, compensation from 30% to 70% of interest payments on the loan, depending on the volume of exports, and 50% compensation for the cost of connecting to the power grid.