Business news from Ukraine


12 August , 2020  

Head of the State Property Fund (SPF) Dmytro Sennychenko has announced the Fund’s readiness to begin the process of privatization of objects of the State Enterprise Ukrspyrt, the department has already received 12 proposals for privatization.
According to the Fund’s press release posted on Tuesday, the privatization of the alcohol industry at the first stage provides for the placement of Ukrspyrt facilities for transparent auctions. The total number of objects ready for the privatization process is 41.
The Chairman of the State Property Fund also drew attention to the fact that the key condition for the successful privatization of assets in the alcohol industry is the prompt approval by the government of the Program for the Reform and Development of the Alcohol Industry, which will provide for the procedure and conditions for the sale.
“Potential investors in the alcohol production industry are not only food alcohol producers, but also pharmaceutical companies, automotive fuel producers and agricultural companies that are interested in processing their own products,” the SPF’s press service quoted Sennychenko as saying.
According to him, until recently Ukraine, together with Belarus, were the only countries in the world with a state monopoly on alcohol production.
“This has led to the fact that over the past decade, the production of legal potable alcohol in Ukraine has decreased four times, and the share of its shadow turnover has increased from 10% of total consumption in 2007 to 55% in 2019,” said the head of the SPF.