Business news from Ukraine


6 February , 2018  

Exports of Ukrainian agrarian products to European countries in January-December 2017 amounted to $5.8 billion and increased by 37.1% compared to the same period in 2016, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food has said.
According to the ministry’s website, the main Ukrainian products that were supplied to the EU market in 2017 were cereals ($1.7 billion), oil ($1.4 billion), and oilseeds ($1.1 billion).
The ministry notes that the growth of Ukrainian exports to the EU in 2017 was also due to the increase in the supply of niche processed and ready-made food products.
In particular, exports of poultry last year rose compared to 2016 by $64.9 million, to $133.7 million, bakery products and cereals by $32.4 million, to
$96.1 million, juices by $28, 3 million, to $70.7 million, honey by $25.5 million, to $98.8 million, confectionery products by $15.4 million, to $38.2 million.
The top five trade partners of Ukraine in the EU were the Netherlands with a share of 18%, Spain with 14.3%, Poland with 13.2%, Italy with 12%, and Germany with 10.5%.
“Last year we also imported 17.2% more European agricultural goods than in 2016. Overall, imports amounted to $2.3 billion. The main commodities of our imports were tobacco and tobacco goods, chocolate and products from cocoa beans, feed for animals, alcoholic drinks and other food,” Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food for European Integration Olha Trofimtseva said.