Business news from Ukraine


14 July , 2020  

Ukraine increased natural gas imports to 70 million cubic meters (mcm) per day, which is the maximum figure since 2014 when natural gas was supplied from Russia, Head of the Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine LLC (GTSOU) Serhiy Makogon has said.
“Such a considerable increase in imports became possible due to the creation of virtual points on the borders with Poland and Hungary, as well as the launch of virtual reverse flow. Last year the maximum imports [from the EU] did not exceed 66 mcm per day and was limited due to the existing infrastructure. Due to virtual reverse flow today, imports could reach up to 170 mcm per day,” Makogon said on his Facebook page on July 11.
He also said that major part of imported gas is pumped into the underground gas storage facilities (UGS) and a significant volume of it is supplied by European companies.
“The introduction of European rules of work on the border is an important part of Ukraine’s integration into the European gas market. Independent imports is a guarantee of fair prices for Ukrainian consumers,” Makogon said.