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Ukraine reduces export of electricity by 26.5% in 2020

18 January , 2021  

Ukraine in 2020 reduced the export of electricity by 26.5% (by 1.715 billion kWh) compared to 2019, to 4.754 billion kWh, according to the data of NPC Ukrenergo.

According to the calculations of Interfax-Ukraine, the supply of electricity from the Burshtyn TPP energy island to Hungary, Slovakia and Romania decreased 32.1% (by 1.428 billion kWh), to 3.02 billion kWh.

Electricity supplies to Poland grew by 7.8% (by 107.3 million kWh), to 1.484 billion kWh. Electricity supplies to Moldova decreased 74.1% (by 476.9 million kWh), to 167.1 million kWh. Export to Belarus amounted to 82.8 million kWh.

Ukrainian electricity was not exported to Russia.

At the same time, Ukraine in 2020 also cut electricity imports by 15.3% (by 413.7 million kWh) compared to 2019, to 2.285 billion kWh, including 1.474 billion kWh supplied from Slovakia, 516 million kWh from Hungary, 152.3 million kWh from Belarus, 89.4 million kWh from Romania, and 53.4 million kWh from the Russian Federation.

In addition, within technological flows associated with the parallel operation of the IPS of Ukraine with the power systems of neighboring countries and power supply of dead-end areas, 58.9 million kWh of electricity was imported from the Russian Federation last year, and 0.9 million kWh from Belarus. Emergency supplies from Hungary amounted to 1.1 million kWh.