Business news from Ukraine


25 September , 2018  

Ukraine’s Economic Development and Trade Ministry has placed Zakhid Resurs industrial park (Horodok, Lviv region) and Ternopil industrial park in the register of industrial parks, becoming 32nd and 33rd parks in the register.
According to information on the ministry’s website, parks are registered by orders of the ministry dated September 19, 2018.
The initiator of the creation of the Zakhid Resurs industrial park on the land parcel of 20.7662 hectares is Euro-Invest-Holding LLC (Horodok, Lviv region). The stated term of the park’s functioning is 30 years.
The purpose of the park is to form a single territory with a well-equipped infrastructure for the placement of new economic enterprises in the processing industry, innovation, logistics and provision of related services, and increase the competitiveness of the region.
Priority for placement will be the production of food and nonalcoholic beverages, storage and processing of crop and livestock products; textile production, production of clothing, leather, fabric and leather products and other materials; wood processing and the manufacture of products from it; machine building, instrument making, production of electrical equipment, electronic and optical equipment; logistical services.
According to preliminary calculations, up to 1,625 new jobs can be created on the territory of the industrial park.
The owner of 100% of Euro-Invest-Holding LLC is Serhiy Badiak registered in Lviv.
The Ternopil industrial park, initiated by the Ternopil City Council, has a land area of 15 hectares.
The main goal of its creation, in particular, is to ensure the sustainable economic development of Ternopil by restoring the industrial potential of the city.
The stated period of operation is 30 years.
The functional purpose of the park is processing industry (primary and secondary processing of agricultural raw materials, production of food products, baby food); professional scientific and technical activities (research activities to improve product quality and use of new technologies, IT cluster).
Up to 1,100 new jobs can be created in the park.