Business news from Ukraine


18 December , 2021  

Ukraine will receive 50 Airbus helicopters in 2022, Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky has said.
“Next year there are very ambitious plans for high-quality equipment and a status of the largest aircraft fleet in Europe. So, we will receive 50 modern French-made Airbus Helicopters,” Monastyrsky wrote on his Facebook page.
He noted that they will build a Situation Monitoring Center, which will analyze satellite thermal images and help eliminate wildfires at an early stage.
According to the minister, all this equipment will ensure the implementation of two important projects – Single Aeromedical Space and European Fire Safety Hub.
Monastyrsky explained that Single Aeromedical Space will allow Ukraine to be covered with helicopter bases for air evacuation and transportation of donor biomaterials. The European Fire Safety Hub will help prevent up to 90% of wildfires through the use of fire-fighting aircraft manufactured by Antonov State Enterprise.

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