Business news from Ukraine


18 September , 2019  

The forecast balance of electricity of Ukraine for the end of 2019 approved by Ukraine’s Energy and Ecology Ministry envisage decrease of electricity generation by 1.3% (2.148 billion kWh) compared with the real figures for 2018, to 157.202 billion kWh.
According to the document, generation volumes of NPPs will total 82.153 billion kWh (a fall of 2.7% compared with the 2018 balance), generation of TPPs will remain the same as a year ago (a fall of 0.01%, to 47.788 billion kWh, volumes of CHPP and cogeneration plants will sees 5% rise, up to 11.561 billion.
Generation of HPPs and pump storage power plants under the forecast to be 8.315 billion kWh (a fall of 30% in 2018), isolated generating plants – on the level of 1.666 billion kWh (a rise by 10.8%).
It is planned that alternative sources (wind farms, solar power plants and other plants) will increase the production of electricity 2.1-fold, to 5.719 billion kWh.
The export of electricity is provided in the amount of 5.832 billion kWh, which is 5.4% less than the figure in the forecast balance of 2018.
The supplies from Burshtyn Island to Hungary, Slovakia and Romania will reduce by 2.3% (by 88 million kWh), to Poland – by 4.7% (by 66 million kWh), to 1.344 billion kWh and to Moldova – by 18.8% (by 180 million kWh), to 776 million kWh.
According to the document, electricity imports in 2019, which became possible after the launch of new wholesale market model on July 1, will total 1.488 billion kWh.