Business news from Ukraine


30 September , 2019  

Imports of vegetables to Ukraine have significantly exceeded the figure of the previous record, which had been held for nine years, and in the 2018/2019 season (August-July) exceeded the previous record immediately by 27% and reached 264,100 tonnes.
According to the EastFruit information and analytical platform, in the 2009/2010 season, the import of vegetables to the country over the season exceeded 200,000 tonnes for the first time and amounted to 208,500 tonnes. Since then, the volume of imports of vegetables has not even approached the mark of 200,000 tonnes, but last season it exceeded the previous record by 27% at once.
“In 2018/2019, import volumes exceeded the previous season’s figure in natural terms by more than two times. Over the past two seasons, import volumes have more than tripled. In value terms, growth rates were slightly lower due to an increase in the volume of traditional inexpensive vegetables and potato in the import structure. In general, foreign suppliers of vegetables and potato earned $155 million in Ukraine over the season,” EastFruit noted.
According to the platform, the main items of vegetable imports to Ukraine in terms of value were tomatoes, onion, pepper, and cucumbers. In fact, Ukraine increased its imports of almost all positions of vegetables and potato, including salad crops and greens.

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