Business news from Ukraine


10 March , 2022  

On Wednesday, March 9, the prices of Ukrainian U.S. dollar-pegged eurobonds rose by another 4.5-10%, and in general since last Friday their growth reached 20-43%.
According to Bloomberg, the price of the shortest bonds maturing in September 2022 at the end of Wednesday was 45.4% of par, which corresponds to a yield to maturity of 270.9% per annum, while at the end of last week the rate reached 362.4%.
Eurobonds maturing in 2023 were quoted at a rate of 86.4% per annum, in 2024 – 68.5% per annum, in 2025 – 50.6% and in 2026 – 43.8%.
Rates on securities maturing in 2027-2028 fell to 39-40% versus 49-51% last Friday, and on longer-term bonds maturing in 2029-2031 they amounted to 32.6-28.1%, while their price was equal to 30% of the nominal versus 21.8% at the end of last week.
Euro-pegged bonds maturing in 2026 were quoted with a yield of 46%, in 2030 – 26.2%.
The rate of VRIs rose by 7.5% on Wednesday, and by 54.5% since Friday, and now stands at about 22.8% of the nominal value.