Business news from Ukraine


18 September , 2018  

Ukraine’s Finance Ministry in 2019 plans to place eurobonds for the amount of UAH 102.9 billion or $3.5 billion on the foreign loan market, taking into account the forecast hryvnia exchange rate to the U.S. dollar.
The figures are outline in bill No. 9000 on the national budget for 2019 registered by the Verkhovna Rada on September 15, 2018.
According to the document, the securities’ maturity term would be from five to 15 years.
In addition, the Finance Ministry expects that the ministry would raise UAH 1.47 billion from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development under the Social Safety Nets Modernization Project and UAH 18.375 billion of the macro-financial assistance from the European Union.
The total volume of domestic borrowings is planned at the level of UAH 202 billion, including UAH 6 billion thanks to the placement of nine-month government domestic loan bonds, UAH 8 billion – eight-month bonds, UAH 10 billion – one-year bonds, UAH 19 billion for three-month bonds pegged to the national currency. Another UAH 13 billion will be attracted through the placement of five-year government domestic loan bonds, UAH 58.694 billion – three-year and UAH 87.325 billion – two-year bonds (all – in the national or foreign currency).
Repayment of the principal of the state debt next year is planned in the amount of UAH 272.247 billion, including UAH 121.767 billion for external debt.
In addition, UAH 145.205 billion will be assigned to servicing the state debt, including UAH 56.44 billion for external one.