Business news from Ukraine


20 August , 2018  

Ukraine’s customs in January-July 2018 opened seven cases for violating customs rules on importing and exporting goods included in the customs register of intellectual property rights for UAH 1.4 million, Ukraine’s State Fiscal Service (SFS) said on Monday. Since the start of the year, customs officials have 4,200 times halted customs clearance because of possible violations of intellectual property rights, the SFS said. “In general, the situation as of August 1, 2018, is as follows: the legal owners of intellectual property rights entered 3,818 items into the customs registry. Of them, 206 have been entered since the start of 2018.
The registry lists items of ownership of intellectual property and associated rights, inventions, useful models, industrial samples, trademarks, geographical designators (indices of origin of goods) and plant varieties, the service said.
One case was brought against a Ukrainian entity that tried to import from China 4,400 pairs of sneakers with markings similar to the ADIDAS, NIKE, PUMA logos. The court confirmed that the goods were imported in violation of intellectual property rights. Goods worth more than UAH 1 million were confiscated seized and a UAH 17,000 fine was imposed.
“In a second case, a Ukrainian private enterprise attempted to import 417 headphones from China with unauthorized use of the image and the APPLE logo, which is included in the register of objects of intellectual property rights,” the agency said.
Under a court decision, goods worth UAH 104,200 were confiscated and the court also imposed a UAH 17,000 fine on the offender, the SFS said.

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