Business news from Ukraine


13 February , 2018  

The National Depository of Ukraine (NDU) has said that there is a real interest of market players to investment in securities of foreign issuers after the relaxation of admission of these securities to the Ukrainian stock market.
“Decision of the National Commission for Securities and the Stock Market amending the resolution on admission of securities of foreign issuers to Ukraine that took effect on February 6, 2018 has aroused a real interest of professional market players: there are a dozen of interested entities, most of them are banks,” the press service of the NDU told Interfax-Ukraine.
The NDU recalled that this decision significantly relaxes the procedure for admission of foreign securities to the Ukrainian market. In particular, henceforth an application requesting the National Commission for Securities and the Stock Market to admit these securities can be submitted not only by their issuer, but also by the Central Depository under applications of interested investors. In addition, the form of the application has been simplified. Restrictions on the number of securities that can be admitted to the market have been lifted.
According to the resolution, the circulation of these securities does not necessarily have to occur on the exchange.
“This gives more freedom to buyers and sellers who can negotiate purchase and sale. Securities may be donated or handed down,” the NDU said.