Business news from Ukraine


20 November , 2020  

Financing of the cultural sphere of Ukraine will grow by UAH 7 billion in 2021 and amount to UAH 27 billion, said Minister of Finance Serhiy Marchenko.
“If we compare this year with 2016, then in 2016 only UAH 10 billion was allocated to the cultural sector, this year it is UAH 20 billion, and next year, due to the active role of the Culture Minister and the support of the President and Prime Minister of Ukraine, the cultural sector will receive funds in the amount of more than UAH 27 billion,” Marchenko said at the forum “Creative Ukraine” in Kyiv on Thursday.
According to the minister, this indicates that the sphere of cultural development is a priority of the state and now, more than ever, it has found strong lawyers. Marchenko also said that significant programs for the development of the cultural infrastructure of Ukraine are planned next year.
“We are talking about financing repairs of museums, libraries, and castles. This program is foreseen for the first time. This will not only increase the tourist potential of Ukraine, it will allow to preserve the existing heritage, expand it, attract investments, fill our cultural objects and business component with content, that will allow in the future, get a synergistic effect in the form of taxes that will be paid,” the minister said.
In his opinion, if the state now invests the required amount of money in cultural infrastructure facilities, in five-seven years these cultural facilities will bring additional taxes and additional jobs.