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30 May , 2021  

TK-Style garment factory (Chernihiv), which is part of the group of companies Textile Contact, early June this year plans to complete the shipment of almost 10,000 jackets (7,000 for men and 2,900 for women) to the mounted police of Germany, the founder of the Textile Contact Group Oleksandr Sokolovsky has said.
“Now, if you meet mounted policemen in Germany, you can ask them to say hello to Ukraine! In December 2020, our TK-Style sewing factory managed to receive a very difficult order for sewing jackets for the German Mounted Police, and from the middle of March 2021 the team factories began to actively sew them off,” Sokolovsky wrote on his Facebook page.
According to him, each unit of the product is under the strictest control. Jackets are multi-piece, with complex technological processing and with a large variety of accessories.
“Since the order with an increased requirement for quality and manufacturing accuracy, during the entire time while it is being sewn, the customer’s representatives have been at the factory,” Sokolovsky said.
At the same time, he expressed the hope that “we will come in handy for our Ministry of Internal Affairs someday.”
The sewing factory TK-Style specializes in sewing outerwear, shoulder and waist garments, and employs more than 150 people.
Textile Contact, one of the largest trade and production groups on the Ukrainian light industry market, was founded in 1995.

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