Business news from Ukraine


6 December , 2019  

Farmak pharmaceutical company (Kyiv) will expand its focus to the development of products, which could be presented on global markets, Farmak CEO Volodymyr Kostiuk has said. “In development, we are now focusing on well-regulated markets. The molecules we are developing will be interesting for the global market,” he told Interfax-Ukraine on the sidelines of the Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Forum organized by Adam Smith Conferences in Kyiv.
Kostiuk said that the new molecules, which are developed by scientists of Farmak, “are complex medicines, they will require large investments in development, great knowledge.”
He said that Farmak will continue its strategy of launching at least 20 new products per year on the market, and in the coming years it will be drugs which patent protection expires.
According to him, these are drugs based on 118 molecules.
Kostiuk also said that Farmak plans to increase its export share to 40%.
PJSC Farmak is one of the three leaders in the pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine. It is a member of the Association Manufacturers of Medications of Ukraine (AMMU). The beneficiary of the company is the head of the supervisory board, Filia Zhebrovska.