Business news from Ukraine


14 March , 2022  

The needs of Ukrainian farmers are met by 84% for the sowing season of 2022, by 55% in crop protection agents, by 78% in seed material, the most critical shortage of fuel for agricultural equipment, but the situation is already being resolved at the level of top officials.

This comment was given by Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Roman Leschenko to Interfax-Ukraine on Monday.

“The total need for fertilizers for sowing is covered by 84%, in crop protection agents – by 55%. This indicator is unsatisfactory, but not critical, because the lack can be compensated for by imports from the EU countries, which are ready to provide us with all the necessary support. Especially that the agronomic deadlines for the introduction of crop protection agents fall mainly in May. The most critical problem is with fuel, it is solved at the level of top officials of the state,” the minister said.

He recalled that the agrarians begin preparations for the sowing season in the autumn of the previous year, so before the war they were able to prepare the necessary resources for the sowing season in approximately the same volumes.

Leschenko said that the need for seed material in Ukraine is provided by 78%. The vast majority of the material is already in the warehouses of agricultural producers.

“As for food security, it is too early to give any assessments – everything will depend on the military situation in the state. Ukrainian farmers are very courageous and ready to work in difficult conditions to ensure food security. There are no optimal calendar dates for sowing, they depend on weather conditions. We have a cold spring, so the start of the sowing campaign has been somewhat postponed. The main period this year will be in April-May,” the minister said.

According to him, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy is in constant contact with large distributors and producers of seeds and crop protection agents, which are doing everything possible to provide food and prevent a food crisis.